What is my unique perspective on creativity?

People’s ability to create is constantly evolving.

Yet, it's often small discoveries
that occur in our everyday life that can stand out when viewed with
our own unique perspectives.

What would happen if we all took on the challenge together?

As each of us accumulates diverse things and experiences, we can combine them and see what we can make.

After we give it a try, we'll find that ideas are much closer than we realize.

discovery challenge

The CREATIVE DISCOVERY CHALLENGE gathers creative ideas and clever innovations that embrace the theme of "Bricolage,” meaning "making do with what's at hand" to use your own unique perspective to enhance your everyday life.

We welcome a wide range of ideas and innovations, whether they are physical products, services, or intangible concepts. This open innovation challenge aims to make our world a better place by creating a space to share everyone's ideas.


Architecture and Design Office,
Founder of "PechaKucha Night"

Program Director of MFA
Design & Technology at
Parsons School of Design

Editor in Chief of

Expert Leader in the
Mobility & AI Laboratory at
the Nissan Research Center


  • October 2nd

    Application Deadline
  • Mid-October

    Screening/Popular Vote
  • Late-November

    Results Announced


What would you create?